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Travel Do's and Don'ts

DO -- Go With the Flow

Whether you're going abroad or traveling within the US you'll quickly realize that they do things differently than they do back home. Knowing the culture of where you're going and what to expect can greatly enhance the experience. Be prepared that you won't be able to speed up the pace of Mexico or slow down the pace of New York. It is precisely these differences that make travel such an enlightening and rewarding experience. So, if a taxi driver seems impatient, or the services incredibly slow, what does it matter--you're in a wonderful place--enjoy! After all, "When in Rome..."

Do -- Know What Baggage is Allowed

You don't want to be in a situation that postpones (or prohibits) your boarding a flight, or results in having to leave something behind.  Unfortunately, the allowances and charges for baggage are constantly changing. Knowing what to expect ahead of time, will help you start your trip on the right foot.

Liquids: You can bring some liquids on board with restrictions.  See Airport Security Update: TSA Adjusts Liquid Ban.

For other items: If you are not sure about something, check the TSA web site.  It provides item by item details of what you are allowed to carry-on; what you are allowed to put in checked baggage; and what you cannot bring aboard in any baggage. 

The cost: Many carriers are now charging for checked baggage. The cost is changing constantly.  Some airlines offer a discount on the checked baggage fee if you check in on-line before boarding.  You will need to check your carrier's web site or contact your Classic Travel specialist for the most up-to-date charges. 

DON'T -- Over Plan

It's good to have an idea of what you want to see and do, but leave yourself some room for pleasant surprises. If you happen to discover that there is a carnival in Nice, or you fall in love with a villa in Italy, don't be afraid to modify your plans to include them. After all, your goal is to enjoy the experience as much as possible. If you find something you'd love to do, put didn't plan on--do it! Chances are it will be the most memorable part of your trip.

DON'T -- Over Pack

Easier said than done, but a heavy bag of items you never use can put a damper on your trip--especially if you're planning on staying at different locations.  For help on what should "make the cut" for that premium luggage space see our Packing Check List and Packing Tips.

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